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Dual USB 5V 1A and 2.1A Mobile Power Bank 18650 Battery Charger ModuleDescriptionMicro USB input: 5V 1AUSB Output: 5V 2.1A / 5V 1A (Dual USB interface)Charging Display: Intelligent Digital DisplayBatteries Type: Lithium-ion Batteries (18650)Specification ..
3362P vertical adjustable resistance precision adjustable potentiometer series3362P vertical adjustable resistance precision adjustable potentiometer seriesFeatures■ Single-Turn / Cermet / Industrial / Sealed■ Miniature package■ Rotor designed for automatic machine  adjust interface■ Withstands..
Terminal Square Trimming Potentiometer Electrical CharacteristicsStandard Resistance Range: 10Ω - 5MΩResistance Tolerance:    ±10% (±20% only for 10 ohm)Absolute Minimum Resistance: ≤1% R or 2ΩContact Resistance Variation: CRV≤1%or 3ΩInsulation Resistance:   R1≥1GΩ(500V AC)Withst..
2 Dedicular mechanical claws, can be used in hand or fixed, suitable for installation on robotic cars, or four feet, six feet, humanoid robots, affordable.This product does not include a steering gear, such as a steering gear  ..
12V 10A Power Supply for Character Input voltage range: 110V / 220VAC± 20% 47-63 HzInput current: 1A / 110V 0.4A / 220VOutput voltage / current: 12V DC / 0-10AWork efficiency: ≥80%Load stability: ± 2Impact current: cold start current 20A / 110V 40A / 220VLeakage current: less than 1mA / 240VACDC vol..
1. The drive module body is highly integrated, the board layout is well-designed, very beautiful, and the volume is small. Onboard two high-power DC motor drives, the size of the drive module is only 68mm*48mm;2, the switching frequency is high, up to 60kHz, which effectively avoids the unpleasantne..
 Product introductionSuper large rubber wheel:Diameter: 130mmWidth: 60mmYou can match the league of the store, the effect is very good!The fetal skin is a rubber material, contains a sponge, nylon wheel!Extended coupling, total length 30mm, 12mm sides, inner aperture: 4mm 5mm 6mm!Parents can me..
100mm McNham Wheel Mecanum Wheel Smart Car Dadden DIY Metal Chassis 42 Step Motor 100mm McNham Wheel Mecanum Wheel Smart Car Dadden DIY Metal Chassis 42 Step Motor
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Features:Sturdy, large carrierparameter:Name: Mecanum Wheel Smart CarMaterial: Stainless steelSize: about 34 * 30 * 10cmWeight: 3.1kgLoad: 20kgMotor: 42 stepper motorShipping list:Bracket: 1 setWheel: 4Motor: 4CouplingscrewHexagon wrench ..
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