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 UNO NANO Multi -use expansion board is a sensor extension tailored for DUINO NANO. It solves the problem of chaotic wiring when NANO connects to multiple sensors. 1. lead to all digital IO ports and simulation IO ports. Each IO port has standard positive and negative power interfaces2. Lead out the..
Product Details:The channels motor and the 16 channels steering gear expansion board can drive the 2-way motor and the 16-way steering gear at the same time. In this example, the mobile phone APP is used to control the car and each steering gear.1. Workflow:ESPduino establishes AP hotspot -> list..
  Product details, guidance and instructions, software, please visit the official web page products.All on a board integration: Mega R3 Atmega2560 and WiFi ESP8266 have 32MB of memory.All modules can work separately or together.And everyone has their own pins.Convenient solutions, development of new..
 Description:This is for Arduino compatible Esplora, a game programming module board. About the for Arduino Esplora:for Arduino Esplora is a microcontroller board derived from the for Arduino Leonardo. It's designed for people who want to get up and running with for Arduino without having to le..
 On the premise of ensuring that NANO's performance is unchanged and the main control chip Atmega328p-AU, we replaced the USB chip and USB interface, improved the download speed of Win7 Win8.  ..
 There are guidance procedures for products from the product. When the customer writes program replacement, it is recommended not to use the format method. In this way, the guidance program will be formatted. There is a (coding repair load) option in the software tool.This one. The professional vers..
Monster Moto Shield Description:This is essentially a ramped up version of our Ardumoto motor driver shield. For this monster shield we"ve replaced the L298 H-bridge with a pair of VNH2SP30 full-bridge motor drivers. We"ve also beefed up the support circuitry so this board Is capable of driving a pa..
 Micro controller Atmega32U4 Leonardo Mini Send USB Line MINI board Product Introduction:Micro is a mini main control board based on Atmega32U4.Micro has 20 -way input output pins (7 PWM output and 12 simulation input).Due to the ultra -small size, Micro can be easily integrated on a small bread boa..
 RO NANO multi -use extension boardIt is a sensor extension tailored for Duino Nano. It solves the problem of chaotic wiring when connecting multiple sensors when connecting to multiple sensors.1. lead to all digital IO ports and simulation IO ports. Each IO port has standard positive and negative p..
 This version is optimized on the original version, mainly designed for foreign customers with high requirements for product quality and function. It is not only a guarantee with the original version that is completely consistent and easy to use...
 Ethernet W5100 network extension module can make. Become a simple web server or control read and write through the network. Digital and analog interfaces such as the network. You can use the Ethernet library file directly in the IDE to achieve a simple web server. At the same time, this version sup..
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