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Specifications: Temp:-50 ~80 Cycle time >100000 times Quantity: 500pcs/1 Set Features: Long life span, durable. Wide application. Brand new and high quality. Used in the fields of electronic products, household appliances and more. This light touch switch is waterproof, prevent oil, anti-pollution, ..
Material: CERAMIC COLOR: As shown in figure Error: ± 20% o perating temperature: -10OC to 85oC Main body diameter: About 3-6mm pin spacing: About 3mm Quantity: 1200(50 for each) plastic boxes size: 19.2 x 13.2 x 2.2 cm FEATURES: stable, low cost ceramic capacitor. There's a beautiful plastic box...
Product Description 1. POWER: 1W 2. Quantity: 260(10 volts each) 3. Voltage: 3.3 v-39 V product features 1. Convenient DIY and repair equipment and electrical equipment. 2. Very suitable for home, office and industry electrical equipment and electrical equipment.  Product Features: 1W Zener Dio..
Description:   1. Color: As pictures 2. Structure: Fixed capacitors  3. Capacitor Length: 10mm / 0.38'' 4. Capacitor Range : 18pf- 223m 5. Capacitor Tolerance:  ±10% 6. Withstand voltage: 1KV , 2KV, 3KV 7. Quantity: 200PCS (10PCS in each type)   Package include:   1 x 200Pcs Electrolytic Capacitor  ..
Specification:   Type: single-ring glass glaze potentiometer Quantity: 50(5 per species) Margin of error: +/-10% Range: 100 ohm -1M ohm   Package includes:   3296 Part-number QTY 100 3296w-1-101 5pcs 1K 3296w-1-102 ..
Specification:Quantity: 5 colors x 100pcs / PackLens: 5mm Diameter / Transparent / RoundEmitting Color: White/Red/Green/Blue/YellowLuminous Intensity: See the Specification PictureViewing Angle: 30 DegreeForward Voltage / Current: W/G/B/:3V-3.2V Y/O/R:2V-2.2V | 20mA (each color)Polarity: Anode (Long..
Description:   1. Color: As pictures 2. Structure: Fixed capacitors  3. Capacitor Length: 5mm/0.19'' 4. Capacitor Range : 1nF - 68nF 5. Capacitor Tolerance: ±10%. 6. Working Voltage: 50V 7. Quantity: 500pcs (50pcs each value) 8. 10 values: 1nF、2.2nF、3.3nF、4.7nF、6.8nF、10nF、22nF、33nF、47nF、68nF。 9. Wor..
(Quantity x Supplied internal diameter x Single length) 40pcs x 1.0 x 45mm (Yellow) 40pcs x 2.0 x 45mm (blue blue) 40pcs x 2.0x 45mm (black) 30pcs x 3.0 x45mm (green) 25pcs x4.0 x45mm (red red) 25pcs x 4.0 x45mm (black black) 20pcs x5.0 x45mm (black) 20pcs x6.0 x45mm (yellow) 10pcs x8.0 x45mm (red r..
pecification:Power rating: 200mW (0.2W)Voltage: 200VTolerance: 20%Base diameter: 16.5mmBase depth: 8.5mmShaft diameter: 6mmShaft length: 16mm (with thread)Pith: 5mm (through hole or solder)Package included:10pcs x PotentiometerProduct Description:1pcs x 1K ohm Single Potentiometer1pcs x 2K ohm Singl..
Description: 1. Operating temperature :-25~/ 85℃ 2. Rated Voltage: 12V DC 3. Current Rating: 50 Ma 4.Contact Resistance: 50m Max 5.Contact Resistance: 100M OHM 6. Mechanical Life: 100,000 times   Package Include:   25Type*10pcs 6X6X5 6X6X4.3 6X6X5 with bracket 6X6X12 6X6X5 SMD..
Description: 30 values zener diode assortment kit (10pcs each value) This powerful and useful tool pack contains 30 most applied values with 10 zener diode of each type, which can provide great convenience for your repair, research, DIY, etc. The assortments contain the following voltage: 2V 2.2V 2..
Specifications:Colors: White + BlackValues: 1N4001, 1N4002, 1N4003, 1N4004, 1N4005, 1N4006, 1N4007, 1N5817, 1N5818, 1N5819.Diode Assorted Kit, total 200pcs(10 values, 20pcs each value)Package included:200 x Diode1 x Plastic boxwindow.adminAccountId=241867337;..
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