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Description:Value: 15Quantity:150PCS (10PCS in each type)All kinds of resistance are:5D-471 x 10pcs7D270 x 10pcs7D-391 x 10pcs7D-431 x 10pcs7D-471 x 10pcs7D-561 x 10pcs10D-270 x 10pcs10D-241 x 10pcs10D-391 x 10pcs10D-431 x 10pcs10D-561 x 10pcs10D-471 x 10pcs10D-681 x 10pcs14D-431 x 10pcs14D-471 x 10..
Description:S9012 S9013 S9014 S8050 S8550 2N3904 2N3906 BC327 BC337 TL431 MPSA42 MPSA92 A1015 C1815 1300115 values, 20pcs each value, total 300pcs / boxPackage included:1 x 300pcs 15 values transistorwindow.adminAccountId=241867337;..
840pcs High Quality Power Transistor Kit Specifications: Product Name: Power Transistors;  Transistor Type: NPN PNP Package Included: • BC327 PNP - 35pcs • BC337 NPN - 35pcs • BC517 NPN - 35pcs • BC547 NPN - 35pcs • BC548 NPN - 35pcs • BC549 NPN - 35pcs • BC550 NPN - 35pcs • BC556 PNP - 35pcs • BC..
Description:Electrolytic capacitors are commonly used electronic components of electronic professionals or amateurs when making circuit. Due to their very thin dielectric oxide layer and enlarged anode surface, electrolytic capacitors have, based on the volume, a higher capacitance voltage product c..
2Pcs 14 Styles USB Male USB Female Mini USB SMD Vertical Socket Connector forDIY Jack Connector Port Charging Data PlugFeature:Style: 14Size: L*W*H/17x9.5x2.4cmPackage List:Components box Case X 1pcsDouble USB Female Socket X 2pcsMini USB 5P X 10pcsMini USB 5P Vertical X 10pcsMini USB 5P SMD X 10pcs..
Specification:   2N2222(mark 1P) x 10pcs TL431A(mark 431) x 10pcs C945(mark CR) x 10pcs S8050(mark J3Y) x 10pcs S8550(mark 2TY) x 10pcs A92(mark 2D) x 10pcs A42(mark 1D) x 10pcs MMBT5551(2N5551 mark G1) x 10pcs MMBT5401(2N5401 mark 2L) x 10pcs C1815(mark HF) x 10pcs A1015(mark BA) x 10pcs MMBT3904(2..
Description:Quantity: 100(10pcs each value)PACKAGE: HC-49SSpecification:4MHz x 10Pcs6MHz x 10Pcs8MHz x 10Pcs11.052MHz x 10Pcs12MHz x 10Pcs16MHz x 10Pcs22.1184MHz x 10Pcs24MHz x 10Pcs25MHz x 10Pcs48MHz X 10Pcs window.adminAccountId=241867337;..
100% Brand New and High Quality! 1% 1/4W Metal Film Resistor Assorted Kit 30 Values Total 600pcs 20pcs of Each Values 1% tolerance High precision and stability Low temperature coefficient Low noise Automatic insertion is applicable Quantity: 30 Values*20pcs=600pcs. The value list: 1..
Specification:Quantity: 6 colors x 100pcs / PackLens: 5mm Diameter / Transparent / RoundEmitting Color: White/Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/OrangeLuminous Intensity: See the Specification PictureViewing Angle: 30 DegreeForward Voltage / Current: W/G/B/:3V-3.2V Y/O/R:2V-2.2V | 20mA (each color)Polarity: Anod..
Description: Tolerance: +/-10%  rated power: 1/4w  quantity: 65(5 per item)    Specification: 100R X 5pcs 200R X 5pcs 500R X 5pcs 1K X 5pcs 2K X 5pcs 5K X 5pcs 10K X 5pcs 20K X 5pcs 50K X 5pcs 100K X 5pcs 200K X 5pcs 500K X 5pcs 1M X 5pcs window.adminAccountId=241867337;..
Specification:Part: Connectors/WiringModel: PH 2.0mmFuel Source: ElectricLength: 150mmWire: 26AWGQuantity:50Sets (value Each 10sets)Features:Applicable wire : AWG#26PH 2.0mm 2-pin Female Housing Connector plug with wire x 10 pcsPH 2.0mm 2-pin Male Connector x 10 pcsPH 2.0mm 3-pin Female Housing Conn..
Specifications:Product name :USB jack connectorProduct type :USB A female USB A maleMaterial: Metal, brass contactMain colors: silver, white, blackProduct features:Easy to use, with hot swap and plug and play features, fast transfer speed, reliable data transfer, flexible interface, easy to scale.Wi..
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