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Electronic Modules
 [Name] 40P color cable DuPont Mother on the mother's mother's public 40 / row 10/15/20 / 30cm[Wire length] 10/15/20 / 30cm[Weight] 10cm 20g / 20cm 30g / 30cm 40g[Specifications] 1 row of 40 2 terminals have DuPont[Spacing] 2.54mm[Remarks] To avoid leaking, please use the shopping cart to shootRemar..
Material: mixtureDHT11 digital temperature and humidity sensor / thermostat sensor / temperature and humidity transmitter / probe Program download address:Http:// series digital temperature and humidity sensor- Full range calibration, single-line digi..
Single Bus Digital Temperature Humidity Sensor DHT11 Module Arduino ElectronicsFactory direct sales, stable supply, welcome wholesale!First, size: length 30.5mmx wide 12mmx height 7.2mmSecond, sensor model: Ooson DHT11 temperature and humidity sensorThird, work voltage: DC 5VFourth, characteristics:..
First, long size: 28mm x width 12mm x height 10mmSecond, the main chip: Ooson DHT22 temperature and humidity sensorThird, work voltage: DC 3.3-5.5VFourth, characteristics:      1, the humidity measuring range: 0 --- 100% RH2, the humidity measurement accuracy: ± 2% RH3, temperature range: -40 --- 80..
Probe adopts original DS18B20 temperature sensor chipHigh quality stainless steel pipe packaging waterproof moisture resistanceStainless steel housing (6 * 50mm), lead length 100cmEach probe has been packaged after strict testing3.0V ~ 5.5V power supply9 ~ 12 adjustable resolutionTemperature range w..
 2 Adjustable Sensitivity (Shown in Blue Digital Potentiometer Adjustment)8 Power Indicator (Red) and the Digital Switch Output Indicator (Green)Digital outputs D0 small plates can be directly connected with the microcontroller through the microcontroller to detect high and low, thereby detecting so..
 Features:High Quality And High Cost Performance.All Nylon gear.245mm Connector Wire.Large stall torgue of 1.6 kg.Small size and light weight.With 3 sets of servo horns and fittings. Specification:Color: BlueOperating speed (4.8V NO LOAD): 0.12sec / 60 DegRees Stall Torque: 1.2kg / 42.3oz (4.8V); 1...
Download: Ping description1, VDD 3.3 ~ 5.5V DC power supply2, GND is grounded, a negative power supply3, SDA serial, bidirectional port4, SCL serial clock input technical parameter:1, the humidity measuring range:0 ~ RH2, the humidity..
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