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Electronic Modules

Electronic Modules
260MA 5V Monocrystalline Solar Cell Module  DIY Solar Panel Charger For 3.7v Battery Light Education 131*61MM 5pcsProduct Description1.brand-new ROHS approved mini Solar panel2.The solar cells are encased and protected by a durable outer poly frame3.PET Monocrystalline silicon4.Max work voltage..
Brand: banggood
support sinilink APP, which can be downloaded on the webpage.Feature:1. The original imported TPA3251D2 power amplifier chip scheme is adopted: TPA3251D2 is a high-performance class D power amplifier, which has class D efficiency and can bring real high-end sound quality. The device features advance..
Brand: banggood
Features:DFPlayer Mini is a compact and inexpensive MP3 module can be connected directly to the speaker. Module with battery power supply, speaker, keypad can be used alone, or through the serial port control, as the for ArduinoUNO or any microcontroller with a serial port module. The module itself ..
Brand: banggood
Specifications:Model: ZK-TB21Material: electronic componentsColor: BlackBluetooth Version: 5.0(no shielding, 10m)Input sensitivity: 500mVAudio Input: AUX+BluetoothChannel: 2.1Chip: TPA3116D2(with AM anti-interference function)Power: DC12-24V/5AAdapter speaker: 20-100W, 4-8ΩOutput power: Max.50W(R an..
ROTARY ENCODER MODULE - KY-040The KY-040 Rotary Encoder Module is an input device that is controlled by a rotary switch that has a fixed amount positions per revolution which are felt as the knob is turned in either direction through small position clicks.Specifications:Operational voltage: 5VPositi..
The KY-012 active piezo buzzer is a 3-pin module that creates an audible sound at 2.5 kHz without the need for pulse width modulation (PWM) or any additional complex code. The only requirement is to set the signal pin to HIGH.  Tech Specs for the KY-012 Active Buzzer: M..
RGB full color LED moduleModule parameter:1.PCB size: 15mm*19.6mm2.PCB color: black3.5MMFull color ultrasound highlighten LED4. Bringing restricted resistance to prevent burning LED5. Can be connected to various single -chip machines6. High -electricity flat LED7. Work voltage: 3.3V/5V8. Weight: 4G9..
The KY-003 Hall Magnetic Sensor module is a switch that reacts to the presence of a magnetic field, turning itself on or off. Compatible with popular microcontrolers like Arduino, Raspberry Pi and ESP32.KY-003 SPECIFICATIONSThis module consists of a 3144EUA-S Hall-effect switch, a 680Ω resistor, an ..
KY-009 SPECIFICATIONSThis module consists of a 5050 SMD LED and 4 male header pins. Use with limiting resistors to prevent LED burnout.Operating Voltage5V maxRed 1.8V ~2.4VGreen 2.8V ~ 3.6VBlue 2.8V ~ 3.6VForward Current20mA ~ 30mAOperating Temperature-25°C to 85°C [-13°F ~ 185°F]Board Diemsions18.5..
Brand: other/其他
Named name BesidesLaser Copper head Red CookerLaunch of power: 58MWStandard dimensions: Φ6*10.5Working life: 1000More than hourLight spots mode: Point -like light spots, continuous outputLidar long: 650nmpower: 5MWVoltage: 3VCurrent: <40mAWor..
    DC-DC Boost Module 0.9V ~ 5V to 5V 600MA USB Mobile Power Boost Circuit Board   Description:   DC / DC boost controller chip onboard ultra-compact PFM control Enter any DC voltage of 0.9V ~ 5V, can be stable output 5V DC voltage, output current of 500 ~ 600MA with two AA batteries input to a..
DC-DC Converter Output Step Up Boost Power Supply Module 3V to 5V 1A USB Charger For Phone MP3 MP4 96% Efficiency window.adminAccountId=144134313;..
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