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Electronic Modules

Electronic Modules
Download: Ping description1, VDD 3.3 ~ 5.5V DC power supply2, GND is grounded, a negative power supply3, SDA serial, bidirectional port4, SCL serial clock input technical parameter:1, the humidity measuring range:0 ~ RH2, the humidity..
 Features:High Quality And High Cost Performance.All Nylon gear.245mm Connector Wire.Large stall torgue of 1.6 kg.Small size and light weight.With 3 sets of servo horns and fittings. Specification:Color: BlueOperating speed (4.8V NO LOAD): 0.12sec / 60 DegRees Stall Torque: 1.2kg / 42.3oz (4.8V); 1...
[Name] 40P color cable DuPont Mother on the mother's mother's public 40 / row 10/15/20 / 30cm[Wire length] 10/15/20 / 30cm[Weight] 10cm 20g / 20cm 30g / 30cm 40g[Specifications] 1 row of 40 2 terminals have DuPont[Spacing] 2.54mm[Remarks] To avoid leaking, please use the shopping cart to shootRemark..
First, long size: 28mm x width 12mm x height 10mmSecond, the main chip: Ooson DHT22 temperature and humidity sensorThird, work voltage: DC 3.3-5.5VFourth, characteristics:      1, the humidity measuring range: 0 --- 100% RH2, the humidity measurement accuracy: ± 2% RH3, temperature range: -40 --- 80..
Soil Moisture Sensor 5V Relay Control Module DC 5V soil moisture sensor relay Automatic watering of humidity starting switchProduct use:Through the potentiometer adjusting soil moisture threshold control, automatic in garden, garden automatic watering, family flowerpot soil humidity control, all kin..
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