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Specification:Color:As picturesStructure:Fixed capacitorsVoltage:630VCapacitor Range : 0.001uf~0.068ufCapacitor Tolerance: ±10%.Quantity:140PCS(10PCS in each type)Features:Durable and easy to installVery convenient and practicalHigh precision and stabilityVery popular among the electronic loversPack..
Quantity: 150pcs (10pcs each type) PACKAGE: TO-92L  box size: 17x10x2cm   Description:   2SC3228 X 10PCS 2SD468 X 10PCS 2SC2482 X 10PCS 2SB764 X 10PCS 2N5609 X 10PCS 2SC1384 X 10PCS 2SD667 X 10PCS 2SA684 X 10PCS 2SB647 X 10PCS 2SA966 X 10PCS 2SC2383 X 10PCS 2SC2655 X 10PCS 2SA1020 X 10PCS 2SA1013 X ..
pecification:Power rating: 200mW (0.2W)Voltage: 200VTolerance: 20%Base diameter: 16.5mmBase depth: 8.5mmShaft diameter: 6mmShaft length: 16mm (with thread)Pith: 5mm (through hole or solder)Package included:18pcs x PotentiometerProduct Description:2pcs x 1K ohm Single Potentiometer2pcs x 5K ohm Singl..
Parameter:Working current: 20 (mA)Working voltage:Red: 1.9V-2.1VYellow: 1.9V-2.1VGreen: 1.9V-2.1VBlue: 3.0V-3.2VWhite: 3.0V-3.2VOrange: 2.0V-2.2VWhite (Red): 2.0V-2.2VWhite (Yellow): 2.0V-2.2VWhite (Green): 3.0V-3.2VWhite (Blue): 3.0V-3.2VWhite (Warm-White): 3.0V-3.2VWhite (Orange): 2.0-2.2VWhite (P..
Description:25*1N4148 switching signal Diode DO-3525*1N4007 1A 1000V Rectifier Diode DO-4110*1N5819 1A 40V SCHOTTKY DIODE DO-4110*1N5399 1.5A 1000V 4.8W Rectifier Diode DO-1510*FR107 Fast Recovery Diodes FR107 1A 1000V DO-4110*FR207 2A 1000V Fast Recovery Diodes DO-415*1N5408 Diode Rectifier 3.0 amp..
Specification:Power: 1/4WSize of Capacitor: L*W/6*2mm/0.23*0.07''Capacitor Range: 1Ω~10MΩCapacitor Tolerance: ±1%.Quantity: 1000PCS(20PCS in each type)Features:Durable and easy to installVery convenient and practicalHigh precision and stabilityVery popular among electronic loversMany types of metal ..
Specification:Item Type: Electromagnetic BuzzerResistance: 16ohmVoltage: 3V 5V 9V 12V AC 2KHzPackage List:10pcs x Buzzerwindow.adminAccountId=241867337;..
8 type in package: 20pcs 1N4007 diode 20pcs 1N4148 diode 10pcs 1N5817 diode 10pcs 1N5399 diode 10pcs FR107 diode 10pcs FR207 diode 10pcs 1N5408 diode 10pcs 1N5822 diode Package includes: 100 x Diodes 1 x Component Box window.parent.Klass.Editor.utils.callFunction(0, window);window.adminAccountId=..
Description:Quantity: 100pcs (10pcs / each color )Package: DIP-8Specification:Colour:BlackMaterial:plasticPackage Contents:10pcs * JRC4558 chip10pcs * LM358 chip10pcs * NE555 chip10pcs * NE5532 chip10pcs * VIPER22A chip10pcs * DS1302 chip10pcs * OP07 chip10pcs * LM386 chip10pcs * TDA2822 chip10pcs *..
Specification- High Quality Material:Plastic + Metal- Width(6pin,8p,14pin,16pin,18pin): Approx 8mm- Width(24pin,28pin,40pin): Approx 15mm- Row to Row Distance(Approx): 7.5mm / 0.295"- Easy to storage, All sockets are packaged in a box, as picture, convenience to store and protect pins from bending- ..
Specifications:Quantity : 100Pcs (10PCS in each type)Current: 0.5A, 1A, 2A, 3A, 3.15A,4A,5A, 6.3A,8A, 10AMaterial: GlassType : Slow Blow / AxialRated Max voltage:250vMeasurement: 3.6mm (Diameter) x 10mm (Length)window.adminAccountId=241867337;..
Description:   1. Quantity: 150 Pcs 2. Value: 15 types 3. Category: film capacitor 4. Structure: fixed capacitor   Features:   1. Under the condition of high frequency AC and high temperature conditions has good durability. 2. Small volume, good self-healing,small loss at high frequency, low tempera..
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