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Description:50pcs 3.2mm20pcs 4.2mm20pcs 5.2mm20pcs 6.2mm20pcs 8.2mm20pcs 10.2mmPackage included:150 x Copper Terminalwindow.adminAccountId=241867337;..
Description:Resistance: 0.1 ohm - 750 ohm / 1K-820KResistor tolerance: +/-1%Power: 2WMax. working voltage: 500VMax. overload voltage: 1000VTemperature coefficient: -55°C to +175°CValue: 30Quantity: 150PCS (5PCS in each type)All kinds of resistance are:0.1 ohm - 750 ohm0.1R0.33R0.5R1R10R100R1.5R15R15..
Description:Quantity: 150pcs (10pcs each type)Package: TO-126box size: 17x10x2.2cmPackage Included:B772 x 10pcsD882 x 10pcsBD139 x 10pcsBD140 x 10pcsC106 x 10pcsD669 x 10pcsB649 x 10pcsD237 x 10pcsD238 x 10pcs13003 x 10pcsBD136 x 10pcsBD235 x 10pcsBD438 x 10pcsBT134 x 10pcs2P4M x 10pcs15 values, 10..
Specification: Quantity: 150PCS Main Color: White Material: Nylon&Tinned Copper Type: XH-2.54mm Pin connector terminal: 70pcs Size: JST 2.54mm Male Housing Connector M-XH-02AW: 10PCS M-XH-03AW: 10PCS M-XH-04AW: 10PCS M-XH-05AW: 10PCS JST Female Housing Connector: F-XH-02P: 10PCS F-XH-03P: 10PCS F..
Description:Color:As PicturesSize of Packing Box:L*W*H/17*10*2cm/6.69*3.93*0.78''Value:15Voltage: 100VCapacitor Range:0.33nF-470nFQuantity:150PCS(10PCS in each type)15value 150pcs Polyester Film Capacitor KitNo.VoltageCapacitanceCodeQuantity1100V0.33nF2A331J10Pcs2100V0.47nF2A471J10Pcs3100V0.56nF2A56..
Description:   1. Quantity: 150 Pcs 2. Value: 15 types 3. Category: film capacitor 4. Structure: fixed capacitor   Features:   1. Under the condition of high frequency AC and high temperature conditions has good durability. 2. Small volume, good self-healing,small loss at high frequency, low tempera..
Description:1. Color: As pictures2. Structure: Fixed capacitors3. Capacitor Range : 0.022uF - 0.68uF4. Capacitor Tolerance:  ±20%5. Withstand voltage: 275V6. Quantity: 150PCS (10PCS in each type)Package Included:10pcs x 0.022uF/P1010pcs x 0.033uF/P1010pcs x 0.047uF/P1510pcs x 0.47uF/P2010pcs x 0.33..
Description:Value: 15Quantity:150PCS (10PCS in each type)All kinds of resistance are:5D-471 x 10pcs7D270 x 10pcs7D-391 x 10pcs7D-431 x 10pcs7D-471 x 10pcs7D-561 x 10pcs10D-270 x 10pcs10D-241 x 10pcs10D-391 x 10pcs10D-431 x 10pcs10D-561 x 10pcs10D-471 x 10pcs10D-681 x 10pcs14D-431 x 10pcs14D-471 x 10..
Specification:Brand newType Name: 5x20mm Glass FuseVoltage:250VQuantity:150Pcs, 0.1A, 0.2A, 0.5A, 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A, 8A, 10A, 15A, 20A, 25A, 30A each for 10pcsPackage Included:150 X Glass Tube Fues1 X Plastic Boxwindow.adminAccountId=241867337;..
Package Included :10pcs X 0.25 AMP Glass Tube Fuse10pcs x 0.5 AMP Glass Tube Fuse10pcs x 1 AMP Glass Tube Fuse10pcs x 2 AMP Glass Tube Fuse10pcs x 3 AMP Glass Tube Fuse10pcs x 4 AMP Glass Tube Fuse10pcs x 5 AMP Glass Tube Fuse10pcs x 6 AMP Glass Tube Fuse10pcs x 7 AMP Glass Tube Fuse10pcs x 8 AMP Gl..
Quantity: 150pcs (10pcs each type) PACKAGE: TO-92L  box size: 17x10x2cm   Description:   2SC3228 X 10PCS 2SD468 X 10PCS 2SC2482 X 10PCS 2SB764 X 10PCS 2N5609 X 10PCS 2SC1384 X 10PCS 2SD667 X 10PCS 2SA684 X 10PCS 2SB647 X 10PCS 2SA966 X 10PCS 2SC2383 X 10PCS 2SC2655 X 10PCS 2SA1020 X 10PCS 2SA1013 X ..
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