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Voltage: 3.3-30V 14 Values Total 140pcs 10pcs of Each Values Package included: 10 x BZX55C 3V3 10 x BZX55C 4V7 10 x BZX55C 5V1 10 x BZX55C 6V2 10 x BZX55C 6V8 10 x BZX55C 7V5 10 x BZX55C 8V2 10 x BZX55C 9V1 10 x BZX55C 10V 10 x BZX55C 12V 10 x BZX55C 15V 10 x BZX55C 18V 10 x BZX55C 24V 10 x BZX55C..
Product descriptionSizediameter: 3mm and 5mmLuminescent color: Red, green, yellow, white, blueCan be used as lighting, flashlight, toy gifts, car decorations, light box advertising, signal indicators, color screens, diagnostic or analytical equipment, etc.Current: 20mAPower: 0.06WWavelength/nm:460-6..
3mm 5mm LED Ultraviolet Light-emitting Diode kit,10 colors (white/red/blue/GREEN/YELLOW/UV, General Cathode, general anode, quick flash, slow flash)applications: FOR DIY projects, electronic experiments, teaching, repairing toys and appliances features: *Head diameter: 3mm, 5mm, Luminous Color: Whit..
Product Description1. POWER: 1W2. Quantity: 100pcsproduct features1. Convenient DIY and repair equipment and electrical equipment.2. Very suitable for home, office and industry electrical equipment and electrical equipment.Product Features:1W Zener Diode window.adminAccountId=241867337;..
Feature:Each colors 100Pcs,total 5 colors,500PcsWorking current: 20 (mA)Voltage: Red:1.9-2.1Yellow: 1.9-2.1Blue: 3.0-3.2Green:  3.0-3.2White: 3.0-3.2Package included:500 x F5 5MM Transparent White LED Diodewindow.adminAccountId=241867337;..
Description:3mm/5mm 940nm Emitter:Lens: Clear LensReceiving Angle: 45°Voltage: 1.2V-1.5VCurrent: 20mARecived Distance: 12M3mm/5mm 940nm Receiver:Lens: Black LensReceiving Angle: 30°Current: 20mARecived Distance: 12MVS1838 Receiver:Lens: Black LensReceiving Angle: 70°Voltage: 3-5VFrenquecy: 38khzReci..
Specification:ColorSizeWavelength(nm)Voltage(V)Current(mA)Lens colorQuantityRed3mm620-6301.8-2.320Clear60pcsYellow3mm580-5901.8-2.320Clear60pcsGreen3mm520-5302.8-3.620Clear60pcsWhite3mm6000-6500k2.8-3.620Clear60pcsBlue3mm460-4702.8-3.620Clear60pcsFeature:Color: White Yellow Red Blue Green(each color..
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