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Product Description:Type: regulated triodequantity: 100(10 per type)Package: TO-92length: 19 mmProduct Features:10pcs x 78L0510pcs x 78L0610pcs x 78L0810pcs x 78L0910pcs x 78L1210pcs x 78L1510pcs x LM31710pcs x 79L0510pcs x 79L1210pcs x 79L15window.adminAccountId=241867337;..
Quantity: 150pcs (10pcs each type) PACKAGE: TO-92L  box size: 17x10x2cm   Description:   2SC3228 X 10PCS 2SD468 X 10PCS 2SC2482 X 10PCS 2SB764 X 10PCS 2N5609 X 10PCS 2SC1384 X 10PCS 2SD667 X 10PCS 2SA684 X 10PCS 2SB647 X 10PCS 2SA966 X 10PCS 2SC2383 X 10PCS 2SC2655 X 10PCS 2SA1020 X 10PCS 2SA1013 X ..
Specifications:Material: SiliconType: 18ValueQuantity: 900Packing size: 20.8 x 10.5 x 2.9 cm / 8.18 x 4.13 x 1.14 inchesWeight: about 237 gramsPackage Included:1 x 900Pcs 18Value NPN/PNP Transistor SetModelValueQuantityA1015PNP50PcsA733PNP50PcsC945NPN50PcsC1815NPN50PcsS8050NPN50PcsS8550PNP50Pcs89012..
Description:BC327(PNP)BC337(NPN)BC517(NPN)BC547(NPN)BC548(NPN)BC549(NPN)BC550(NPN)BC556(PNP)BC557(PNP)BC558(PNP)Footprint: TO-92Quantity: Each 20pcsPackage included:1 x 200pcs 10 Values 20 Each TO-92 Transistor Assortment Assorted Kitwindow.adminAccountId=241867337;..
Transistor Assortment Kit Voltage Regulator Transistor Kit Detail:    LM317T * 5pcs   L7805 * 5pcs   L7806 * 5pcs   L7808 * 5pcs   L7809 * 5pcs    L7810 * 5pcs    L7812 * 5pcs    L7815 * 5pcs    L7818 * 5pcs   L7824 * 5pcs   Each value  5 pcs ,  all 10 values in one package.    window.adminAc..
Description: ​ Quantity: 50(5 per species) PACKAGE: TO-220 Specification: IRF640 x 5pcs IRF740 x 5pcs IRF830 x 5pcs IRF840 x 5pcs IRF530 x 5pcs IRF630 x 5pcs IRF820 x 5pcs IRFZ44 x 5pcs IRF9540 x 5pcs IRF3205 x 5pcs   Package included: 1 x 50Pcs 10 Values  Transistor Kitwindow.adminAccountId=2418673..
Specifications: - Material: Silicon - Color: Black - Size: 19.6x13.2x3.6cm/7.7x5.2x1.4''   Features: ● Transistor is a basic semiconductor device that control current, which can also be used as a non-contact switch. ● There are total 480 pieces of transistors in 24 values in this set which will meet..
Features:Manufacturer part No: 2N7000Mosfet type: N-channelPackage / Case: TO-92RoHS: YesPackage includes:10 x 2N7000 TO-92 MOSFET window.adminAccountId=241867337;..
Description:S9012 S9013 S9014 S8050 S8550 2N3904 2N3906 BC327 BC337 TL431 MPSA42 MPSA92 A1015 C1815 1300115 values, 20pcs each value, total 300pcs / boxPackage included:1 x 300pcs 15 values transistorwindow.adminAccountId=241867337;..
840pcs High Quality Power Transistor Kit Specifications: Product Name: Power Transistors;  Transistor Type: NPN PNP Package Included: • BC327 PNP - 35pcs • BC337 NPN - 35pcs • BC517 NPN - 35pcs • BC547 NPN - 35pcs • BC548 NPN - 35pcs • BC549 NPN - 35pcs • BC550 NPN - 35pcs • BC556 PNP - 35pcs • BC..
Specification:   2N2222(mark 1P) x 10pcs TL431A(mark 431) x 10pcs C945(mark CR) x 10pcs S8050(mark J3Y) x 10pcs S8550(mark 2TY) x 10pcs A92(mark 2D) x 10pcs A42(mark 1D) x 10pcs MMBT5551(2N5551 mark G1) x 10pcs MMBT5401(2N5401 mark 2L) x 10pcs C1815(mark HF) x 10pcs A1015(mark BA) x 10pcs MMBT3904(2..
Description:Quantity: 50pcs (5pcs / each color )PACKAGE: TO-220Specification:IRF9640 x 5pcsIRFZ24 x 5pcsIRF9630 x 5pcsIRFZ46 x 5pcsIRF540 x 5pcsIRF3710 x 5pcsIRF1010 x 5pcsIRF9530 x 5pcsIRF9540 x 5pcsIRF4905 x 5pcsPackage included:1 x 50Pcs 10 Values Transistor Kitwindow.adminAccountId=241867337;..
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