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Carbon Film Resistors Series RKBStyle: Taped    Power: 0,25W    Tolerance: 5%    Housing: 0207Specifications:Resistance Tolerance: ±5%Power Rating (70°C): 0,25WOperating Voltage: 250VShort Term Operating Voltage: 500VInsulation Resista..
Specification:Precision:1%Values : 73Total quantity: 1460pcs( each value 20pcs)Package Included(20pcs of each value):1ohm 1.2ohm 1.5ohm 1.8ohm 2.2ohm2.7ohm 3.3ohm 3.9ohm 4.7ohm 5.6ohm6.8ohm 8.2ohm 10ohm 12ohm 15ohm18o..
Description:Color:As PicturesResistance:10 ohm - 1M ohmResistor Tolerance: +/-1%Power:1WMax. Working Voltage: 500VMax. Overload Voltage: 1000VTemperature Coefficient: -55to+175deg CSize:L*Dia:11*5mm/0.43*0.19''Value:100Quantity:500PCS(5PCS in each type)100value 500pcs 1W Metal Film Resistor +/-1% As..
Description:1. This is an assoeted kit of 4250 components as listed below. They are all bagged andlabeled, are all 0603 size.2. The tolerance is 5% 1/10 W , 25 components of each value.Specification:ColorAs picturesStructureFixed capacitorsSize of CapacitorL*W/2*1mm/0.07*0.04''(Approx)Capacitor Rang..
Description:   Model number: MF58 quantity: 100(10 per item)  accuracy: 5% B value: 3950 Specification: ​ 2K x 10pcs 5K x 10pcs 10K x 10pcs 15K x 10pcs 20K x 10pcs 50K x 10pcs 100K x 10pcs 200K x 10pcs 500K x 10pcs 1M x 10pcs   window.adminAccountId=241867337;..
Specification: GM5506 x 10pcs GM5516 x 10pcs GM5528 x 10pcs GM5537 x 10pcs GM5539 x 10pcs GM5549 x 10pcs window.adminAccountId=241867337;..
500pcs 50 values 1/4W 0.25W 1% Metal Film Resistor Assortment Kit high qualitySpecification:Color:As PicturesStructure:Fixed capacitorsKinds:Aluminum Electrolytic CapacitorsQuantity:500PCS(10PCS in each type)Power:1/4WSize:L*Dia:5*2mm/0.19*0.07''Resistance:1Ω~10MΩFeatures:Durable and easy to install..
Specification:Power: 1/4WSize of Capacitor: L*W/6*2mm/0.23*0.07''Capacitor Range: 1Ω~10MΩCapacitor Tolerance: ±1%.Quantity: 1000PCS(20PCS in each type)Features:Durable and easy to installVery convenient and practicalHigh precision and stabilityVery popular among electronic loversMany types of metal ..
Description: Resistance: 0.1 ohm - 750 ohm Resistor tolerance: +/-5% Power: 1W Max. working voltage: 500V Max. overload voltage: 1000V Temperature coefficient: -55°C to +175°C Size: 11*5mm/0.43*0.19'' Value: 30 Quantity: 300PCS (10PCS in each type)   All kinds of resistance are: 0.1R     0.33R ..
Description:Kinds:Metal film resistorResistance: 1 ohm ~ 10M ohmQuantity: 3120pcs (20pcs in each type)Power: 1/4WSize: 6 x 2mm / 0.23 x 0.07"Durable and easy to installVery convenient and practicalPackage included:3120 x resistor1Ω10Ω100Ω1KΩ10KΩ100KΩ1MΩ1.2Ω12Ω110Ω1.1KΩ11KΩ110KΩ120Ω1.2KΩ12KΩ120KΩ1.2M..
Description:Quantity: 300 pcs (10pcs in each type)Power: 1/2WSize: L*Dia:8*4mm/0.31*0.15''Resistance: 1 ohm - 3M ohm Package include:300 x 1/2W 30 Values Resistor   window.adminAccountId=241867337;..
LED diodes: 100pcs LED Assorted Kit: White    5mm   20pcs    3V-3.2V 20mA Red      5mm   20pcs    1.8V-2V 20mA Greem    5mm   20pcs   1.8V-2V 20mA Yellow   5mm   20pcs    2V-2.3V 20mA Blue     5mm   20pcs    3 V-3.2V 20mA   White    3mm   20pcs    3V-3.2V 20mA Red      3mm   20pcs    1.8V-2V 20..
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