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Audio/Video Modules

Audio/Video Modules
Features:With AUX / USB / Bluetooth audio input, Bluetooth 5.0 input achieves much faster and more stable transmission, USB input has no need for driver, plug-and-play; compatible with most home audio devices such as ipod, phone, tablet, computer, CD player and so on.Max output power can reach 100W ..
Product FeatureThis product has 2 versions to choose from, each version has Bluetooth 5.0 + AUX analog input function , power is divided into 50W and 100W, you can choose to buy only amplifier board, or amplifier board + shell, users can buy the version according to their own needs, the cost perform..
Description:Potentiometer adjust volume, with switch, easy to control volume, very suitable for DIY speaker.If it is a metal box, the Bluetooth antenna needs to be led out.Copper DC connector is adopted, which can bear large current without heating.Capacitor 470uf35v solid-state capacitor, ensure po..
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